How To Do SEO Keyword Research on Google

Before began How To Do SEO Keyword Research on Google, you should know a bit about keywords so let’s understand what is keyword? A keyword is a term or a topic or a word that is used to find information when you are researching something.

For example, suppose I am hungry and I want to order some food so that whatever I search in Google or any other search engines will be called as a keyword. “tasty food near me” is the keyword. Now we will further discuss What is Keyword Research and How To Do SEO Keyword Research.

How to Do SEO Keyword Research on Google

What is keyword research and how to do keyword research for SEO – A beginner’s guide

Well this is the most asked term by the beginners what is keyword research and how to do seo keyword research? Keyword research is a process of finding the right search terms and analysing what people are using to find the products, solutions, or information in popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo. All these activities are called keyword research.

Researching keywords for SEO is not very hard and also not very easy. You should at least know some of the factors that you can keep in mind while researching keywords for your blogs, articles, or websites and these factors are (a) Keyword Trends (b) Keyword Volume (c) Keyword Difficulty (d) CPC – Cost Per Click and (e) Paid Difficulty

  1. Keyword Trends:- Keyword trends means simply how popular the topic is compared to other searches at a particular time. For Keyword Trends you can use the best tool Google Trends. You can find any queries related to your niche with the comparison between the terms.
  2. Keyword Volume:- As the term suggests, “Keyword Volume” is the data that refers to the number of searches of a particular keyword during a month. Based on the keywords volume you can easily analyse what keywords you should choose for your website or blogs and how much traffic it will drive to your website.
  3. Keyword Difficulty:- Keyword difficulty simply tells you all about the competition on that keyword in organic search. The higher the number the more competitive. So it is the best way to identify which keywords you should choose based on competition. It is suggested that under 30 is the less competitive keyword and above 30 is hard to rank in SERPs.
  4. Cost Per Clicks (CPC):- Average cost per clicks this is very useful when you are searching keywords to run your ads campaigns. And you wanted to pay Google to be seen as an Ads. If the CPC is higher than the keyword is more valuable.
  5. Paid Difficulty:- Estimated competition on paid search, the higher the number the more competitive. One can easily identify the competition between keywords in paid marketing. So it is clear now wherever you see PD in SEO keyword rearch  it means paid difficulty.
how to do effective keyword research with ahref tool

Why is keyword research important?

Suppose if you are a blogger and writing something that your audience is not searching then what are the benefits? Well the answer would be no benefits, you are just wasting your time as you will not get any search traffic to your blog. So we can say keyword research is the foundation of SEO that can give you the exact and clear picture about your topics that you are writing for. With the help of Keyword Research Tools you can easily figure out the average monthly searches for a particular keyword and competition of that keyword. So in simple we can say keyword research provide you specific search data

  • What is your audience searching for?
  • Show you the figure how many people is searching the same topic
  • And how they want the information

Smart Tips For How to Research Keywords for Your SEO Strategy

How to do seo keyword research for your SEO strategies well I am going to clear all the process step by step so that you can easily create a list of keywords that you can use in your strategies to get found on search engines. As we all know keywords are the base and pillar of SEO if the people are not searching for what you are writing then it is absolutely worthless. why? Because you will not get traffic to your blogs or websites. Follow these amazing result oriented keyword research process to boost your website traffic:

1. Make a list of keywords where your competitors rank based on your niche

The very first step to identify How To Do SEO Keyword Research? You need to analyse your competitor and make a list of keywords that they are ranking for. You always have to think like a buyer’s persona if your goal is to increase sales. You should always put keywords in your buckets which can increase your page impressions and help you to get found on search engines. Some of the example of keywords list you can find below:

  • “Sports Shoes” (2,46,000)
  • “Running Sports Shoes” (8,100)
  • “Running Sports Shoes For Men” (1,600)
  • “Best Running Sports Shoes For Men” (800)

2. Analyse the intent, search trend and competition

Once you analyse the competitor the very next step is to check for search intent, trend, and competition of that keywords you selected. The user intent is the middlemost factor to rank well in search engines like Google and Bing. Now next you need to check trends how well the keywords are popular and how it is performing. Lastly, you can check for its competition. It is very obvious that if a keyword is popular with a high search volume you must face the competition and you can further work on your SEO plan that determines how you rank the keywords.

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. These are the related search terms which Google and other major search engines use to identify and compare the relationship among different kinds of terms used in that content. One of the major benefits of optimizing content with LSI keywords is to increase the reachability and boost the traffic to your website. These LSI keywords are less competitive and one can easily rank for.

4. Get help with the keyword research tools

If you are researching keywords you must use the keywords research tools like Ahref, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, and Moz Keyword Explorer. These are some of the best and popular keyword research tools that you can use to find the best keywords for your business and blogs. With the help of keywords research tools you can get all the related information and data about your keywords like Average Monthly Search Volume, Competition of That Keyword, Trends, Paid Difficulty and all other related data can be analyzed. You Are All Done Now!

How to find keyword ideas and choose for your website and blogs

Well as you already read above one of the best ways to research keywords is to use keyword research tools and another way is you can use Google Search Bar, Forum and Community Sites, and Google Keyword Planner.

  • Use Google Search Bar:- The best ideas and suggestions you can get from Google Search Bar just type a few words related to your industry or niche, it will automatically suggest you the list of related keywords that people are searching for. Just add all those keywords into your bucket and you can check trends, search volume and difficulty of those keywords to figure out the details how and where you will use this keyword.
  • Use Popular Forum Sites:- Forum and community sites are one of the greatest ways to interact with the local. There are some of the popular forum sites like Reddit, Quora, and Final Thoughts. There are a large number of users available on these sites who are searching their needs and solutions regarding their problems. You can pick one by one and add it into your bucket. 
  • Use of Google Keyword Planner:- Google Keyword Planner is the best when you are researching keywords. This tool is most used and popular for researching keywords from Google. Just enter your keywords in this tool and you will get all the related data and searches that your targeted audience is looking for.
how to do keyword research for website
How to do seo keyword research

Summary:How to Do SEO Keyword Research

So we have learnt all the advanced ideas which are best when you are researching keywords for your website. You know how and which tools are best for researching keywords and how you can utilize all these. We hope that you enjoyed our blog and  are all set to research keywords by yourself to boost your organic traffic.

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